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I’m new to Airtable and looking to set up a contract tracker which also can work out income per period using formulas based on stated dates. Any advice on which template would best accommodate this? Have looked thro the templates but don’t see much financial analysis in there so I’ve set off using the ‘Business Contract Tracker’ template for now.

Any advice on which might be better before I invest set up time would be much appreciated.


Hi @Adam_Calvert

The neat thing with templates is that you are not strictly conformed to one template. Yet, they can give you ideas on how to build your own database.

So, if you find a template/templates, that has a field or formula, or any other features, you can copy from one and add it to a template that closely matches to what your use case is or a base from scratch, in which you can add to. If you are not able to figure out a feature or formula, the community are a helpful bunch.

Or if you like how one template is set up, you can either use it or copy a part of it and add it to a another template that closely matches to what you would like to have setup.

Also, you can duplicate the base, without records/rows, so this way it is a new database, even if the template had records.

Another great source, is to check out Airtable Universe, there are a ton of bases there. As far as I know you can copy from those bases, too.

Here is the link to Airtable Universe:

Actually, that’s how I was able to understand the “mechanics” of how a feature works in
a database, by checking out the templates, because I was able to deconstruct it.

Hope these suggestions help.

Mary Kay

Yes thanks I’ve looked around but theres so many. Anyone got a suggestion?

Hi @Adam_Calvert,

Thanks for your question! It sounds like you’re on the right track by starting with the Business Contract Tracker template, but I can see that it may not exactly meet your needs. All bases from the template gallery and Airtable Universe are completely customizable, so this one could serve as the best starting point. By the way, you can quickly delete sample data in a template, if you’re looking to clean it up before customizing.

Can you tell me a bit more detail about the structure you’re hoping to achieve? It may come down to the formulas and linked record fields you use in your base. If you’d rather not post this on this forum, feel free to reach out to us at, and we can help you 1-to-1.

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