"Agent Email" field cannot be converted to a string


All my automations are throwing error when selecting a lookup field.

The error says “Agent Email cannot be converted to a string”

The trigger is when a new record is created in a table.

action is to send gmail.

in cc i am using a value of the field “agent email” which is looked up from a different table.

The error comes on running any automation.

If your records aren’t being created through the API nor through a form, then you’re trying to trigger an automation on a blank record, so you’ll need to change your trigger to something else.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for pointing this out.

The data however is coming through a form only. I have attached some of the screenshots for your reference.

Unfortunately, screenshots from Airtable Automations don’t provide enough information for troubleshooting purposes, because Airtable ridiculously decided to make a change that doesn’t show where any steps are pulling from.

So I can only guess that you’re pulling the agent email from step 1 instead of step 2?

Oh Yes. Its from Step 1.

I would try reselecting the email again. If it still doesn’t work, then it seems like Airtable can’t handle lookup fields properly, and I would report this as a bug to support@airtable.com. You can force that lookup field to be a string of text by creating a formula field like this: {Lookup Field} & ""

Hey Scott,

I think i found the problem.
It was a simple error, someone deleted the old field and made the new lookup one. It’s working after reselecting the field.

Appreciate the quick response man!