Air Table Set Up Question - Need to move rows


I am using Air Table to track recruiting efforts across several different office locations. I set up the table with a separate tab for each office. Each office then has a list of the potential recruits. What’s getting tricky is when we need to move one recruit to a different office location.

Would I be better off creating a master sheet with all recruits, and put copies of each recruit into the office tabs? Is it possible to do this without recreating everything from scratch?

At the moment it seems like my only option is to create a new row in the office tab I want to move them, copy and paste everything, then delete them off of the old office tab.

Thanks for the help!


From what I think I understand of your problem - one way I might design the Base is to have an ‘Offices’ table and a ‘recruits’ table. In the ‘recruits’ table, have a linked-record field, named ‘Assigned Office’, from which you can link to the appropriate office record in the ‘Office’ table. Then update the linked record field when they move offices.

At the same time, once you have added this link to the recruit, a new field will auto-appear in the corresponding office record with all of the recruits assigned to that office.


Yes, thank you! I am new to the concept but when I searched the forums, that seemed like the best way to set it up. Is there any way to take the existing office tabs and move them into a master tab? Unfortunately I have everyone in the individual office tab currently. I was not able to find much to help with moving rows. Might I be better off exporting everything to a CSV and re-importing it to a new base?


CSV export is probably the quickest way to get it done, as it should be a one time fix.