— dashboard service for Airtable


Hi! My name is Sergey. I am a founder of service for building dashboards based on data from various Airtable tables and projects.

It is very similar to Geckoboard and Databox but our focus is 100% on integration with Airtable.

The service now is available for all only in Russian. If you need such a tool please let us know with online chat on our site or by posting a comment in this thread. If we see a demand from many of you, we will translate the service in English in a few days.

Check it out:


Looks fantastic. Great work.


I haven’t translated the page atm, so I didn’t understand much of the homepage. However, I think the concept itself has a huge potential. It can be used in a lot of ways, CRM, project management and others. So I’d like to see where you’re heading in this one. Keep us posted!


Hey there! Thank you for you feedback! We are going to translate the site into English. If you already have any request on features, what would you like to see?


I have no idea what features you’re offering atm (perhaps when you get to translate the page I might get an even better idea). I’m using Airtable for project management, being able to visualize and give the clients an aggregated view of our progress will really be useful.


Standard disclaimer applies here: this service is neither officially endorsed nor vetted by Airtable. Airtable cannot vouch for the security credentials of this third-party service, and if you choose to make use of this service, you do so at your own risk. Please be careful when potentially exposing your Airtable data to third-party services, especially if you are using Airtable to store sensitive information.


Thanks for your attention :wink: Btw we are doing our best to protect the data.