AirTable and Zapier - Can't choose from list

I am trying to enter the lead source of every lead to my table.
I created on my cards a dropdown list field, named “lead source” with options like Website, Facebook, Email campaign, Phone call, etc…
Now on Zapier, I would like to choose from those sources on the zap but I have no option to use those sources I created on Airtable (i can use a single field but not to dropdown)
Maybe someone had this issue?
all other fields working fine because they are not a ready answer but single fields or numbers.

Welcome to the community, @Amit_Shemla.

Zapier and Integromat (more powerful than Zapier) don’t show you the options in your single select fields, multiple select fields, etc.

You have to manually type in what you want, or map it to something else in your zap/scenario.

Airtable’s API doesn’t show those options, either, which is how Zapier and Integromat connect to Airtable.

Those options are just an onscreen convenience for when you’re working within the Airtable interface itself.

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