Airtable and Zapier Digest to send a summary of fields


Our current system is an internal HR Airtable setup, where applicants apply directly via our Airtable form. Each applicant has an existing unique ID through our company.

What I require is a weekly summary of these ID’s sent to myself via email.

The field name is Applicant ID, and all applicant’s will have a numeric and unique ID. Please note this is not the primary key. The primary key is applicant’s name.

Currently I have setup a Zapier automation using their template (*link below) of Airtable -> Digest by Zapier -> Gmail integration, but I am only receiving a ‘digest’ that contains one ID, not a summary of the past 7 days (there is definitely more than one applicant applying per week).

Ideally I’m setting this up so I’m receiving a weekly email on a Monday providing me a set of IDs (each on a new line) that lists all the new records added since the latest digest was sent. e.g.

Hi Tom,

Here is a list of the new records added in the last 7 days:


This would be a huge help, any assistance appreciated!