Airtable and zapier re: VIEW

Hi there - I am trying to learn airtable and zapier integration with this common test case - if a date is use, zap an email.

Based on what I’ve read in the forum, to do that I need (1) to create a “view” report on airtable to list what’s due, (2) create a zap everytime a record is added on that airtable view, it push out an email.

My questions, since Zap will execute when a new record is added on “view”

  1. will “it” work if I do not open my base table? “it” means will airtable update the “view” record daily even if I didn’t access (maybe bec I am on vacation for a week, and didn’t bring my laptop) the base table? If it does get updated automatically on the back-end, when does it get updated? Is it 1201 each morning? Is it batch mode? Just trying to figure out the update timing, so I know how best to use the integration with zap. Thank you.

Hi @Vickie_Lim,

Yes, Airtable will update in the “background”, it is cloud based and therefore it will update even if you dont open the base.

I dont know the frequency of the update, but it does seem to be instant if you are using NOW() in your formula.

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