AirTable Android App Crashes Every Time



I’ve made a useful Asset Tracking app in AirTable, and I try to use it more, but it crashes every time I follow a specific set of steps. I can usually remember not to do it that way, but sooner or later, I always make the mistake, and then I have to re-launch the app and start all over.

In my app, the way to reproduce the crash is this:

  1. Go to Assets, which is the first table.
  2. Search for something not found.
  3. Click the + icon to add a new record.

Bam! AirTable crashes.

I’ve noticed in other tables when I do this, it will create a new record with the search term as the primary field, but for my assets table, it just crashes the app.

Can you help?



Hey Jon, thanks for the report! I can reproduce this – will fix.


To clarify, I don’t think clicking the + icon to add a record ever works if you’re in search. I think maybe you’re thinking of linking a new record from another table, where there’s an additional card that’s like ‘Create new record “foo”’. But it’s a good point - we should add the same thing for searching for records.


Hello, so sorry, I almost never get updates from this site. Outlook let the site summary message through today, and I remembered on my own to come in and check forums. I’ll try whitelisting the domain too, guess that couldn’t hurt.

Have you had any luck fixing that problem? That would be really cool, but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet.

If you could fix that search/add behavior as described above, that would be cool. What I’ve done is to pre-print my asset tag labels from a desktop application (an Access database, actually)… All it does is generate labels which show the company name, and have an id number encoded into a QR code. To add an item to inventory, just put on a new label, scan for the label, and it should be not found. Then click + to add the record, and fill in the details. Easy peasy.

But yes, if you could fix that crash (or already have) then that would be awesome, and thank you very much!!!