Airtable as a webapp backend. Bad idea?


I’ve done something and it might not have been that smart. I’ve built a webapp using Airtable as the backend.

It’s a PHP app, using Angular, and so far it has mostly been working. Nothing super complex, just a customer engagement forum with the usual registration, access management, profile, and then some document management stuff (file / image upload), and a little calendar tool.

I have limited coding ability, so have been working with a pretty good development shop in Vietnam, who have hacked the app together using the Airtable API.

Everything has been working OK, and using Airtable has certainly supported me as a non-technical user in creating the table structure I want, but I’m starting to see some cracks appear. We hit the 100 record API limit last week, which caused some disruption, and I feel performance could be snappier.

Currently we only have a few dozen users on the system, but I hope to scale this to a few hundred over time. My question is, will Airtable be able to scale with me, or do I need to start thinking about a more long-term platform like Firebase?


I thought about a similar thing - but relying on someone else APIs is very risky, unless Airtable officially support this use case and ensure stability and scalability I wouldn’t do it…