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I run an e-commerce website I built in Webflow and already collect both orders and users data in Airtable using Integromat. I am new to Airtable but already in love with the product.

I would like to use Airtable and the data I have put into it to enhance my business emailing strategy. For now, I use the standard Webflow ecommerce emails to send orders notifications to my customers and don’t have yet a proper email marketing solution.

The idea is to pair Airtable with an email service (like SendGrid for instance) using Integromat to trigger all kind of emails, from order notifications, to marketing emails, to product feedback emails, etc. I would like to use Airtable as a supercharged leads database (with more data than just contact details) to send emails using pre-built templates that would be filled by data picked in Airtable.

For instance, if I need to send a “order shipped” email, I would like to create a scenario in Integromat that would pick all the needed data in Airtable, choose the pre-built “order shipped email template” somewhere and fill the blank fields with Airtable data before sending the email.

Question is simple. Is that kind of implantation possible ?
And if so, which email provider can I use the design templates and send emails ?


I´m also interested in this question. Looking forward to find some answers.

Yes, all of this is possible with Integromat.

You could even do very simple emails using Airtable’s built-in automations, but for the real power of HTML templates and other advanced features, you’d want to use external services like SendGrid or MailChimp, which you’d want to use Integromat to tap into.

(Airtable also has a SendGrid app, but it’s very limited — in terms of number of characters, formatting, and It can’t be automated at all.)

p.s. If you have a budget for this project and you need to hire an expert Airtable developer & expert Integromat consultant to help you create these automations, please feel free to send me a private message or contact me through my website at

Great to read this !
I don’t have the budget to hire an expert and I intend to do it by myself but knowing it is possible is a great start. I definitely want to build something polished and highly customized otherwise, I would stick with ready to use solutions…or the SendGrid Airtable app.

Maybe you can give some insights or provide advices ?

Yes, I think your best bet would probably be to use Integromat’s SendGrid integration. This would likely be your most powerful & most flexible email automation tool. If you scroll down on that page, you can see all the different SendGrid functions it supports.

I’ll check on this as soon as possible. Opened a SendGrid account but stuck at the DNS step.
Got many other things to do so it will wait a bit…

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