Airtable as equipment maintenance system


Hello guys, this is my first post here as I just stumbled into Airtable yesterday. We are a generator rental company with around 200 generators going in and out everyday.

I can tell that inventorizing the generators will be a breeze with this platform. What I am not so sure is, is Airtable capable of doing something like
Basically scheduling maintenance, reviewing maintenance history, and asset management.

Will love to hear feedbacks from you guys, thanks.


Without going into a lot of detail, I’d think Airtable could handle your needs in those areas without breaking much of a sweat. I know of a number of users who’ve built inventory management (including maintenance) solutions for their own businesses. You might also want to search the forums for posts relating to automotive maintenance, as there have been several recent discussions about creating automobile maintenance trackers for personal use, several of which included, as I recall, some potentially useful formulas or algorithms.