Airtable as Proposal Management Library to capture questions and answers?

I’d like to use Airtable to help me speed up the processes of responding to multiple RFP’s. Often a same or similar question is asked on multiple RFP’s. Rather than make a database I’d like to use Airtable to categorize and log the questions and answers that I often re-write from scratch each time. I would like to do a quick search in Airtable and and pull already answered questions or document content and pull it into a blank RFP template to partially automate the response process, and quickly access the questions Airtable database. Is this possible? Has anyone done it? Any know templates to start from? Thanks to you my Airtable Gods! :slight_smile: (not looking for an approval workflow at this time. may use my CRM for that)

Hi David, I’d say you start with two tables — one for answers and one for new questions. Question then get linked to answers and you could create the document with Page Designer, referencing the questions table and use lookup fields to pull from the answers table. Hope that helps!

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Great, Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it.

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