Airtable Auction Data

Hi Everyone

First time poster, really liking the functionality in Airtable at the moment.
Im struggling to Create what i describe to be an online Auction. Its nothing super important as its more for an online gaming community but its still a learning experience either way.

My Database consists of the following Fields
Name: Name of Person Bidding (Single Line Text)
Number: Number of the item being bid on (Drop Down Menu selection 1-100)
Location: Auction Location (there may be more than one location) (Drop Down Menu)
Offer: Cash Offer Made

I have a form that i would like to use to feed the information in and i can see that all works as expected.

What im stuck on is im trying to created a View that is filtered to show the following.
Location > Number > Offer (MAX Offer ONLY)
So in other words i guess what im trying to display is the Name of the highest bidder for a particular Number at a Particular Location.

I hope that is understandable.
If there is a suitable base example i can work off that is similar im happy to work off that.
Thanks in advance!

I would recommend making each of your fields in bold as Tables instead. Then, your Offers table would be where all data points interact (e.g., then in your Offers table you could have something like the date of the offer as your primary field, linked to a Name, linked to an item Number, and linked to a Location). But that’s just one suggestion.

As far as finding your highest bidder, this is where linked records come into play. For example, if all your offers were linked to a give Number, you could use a Rollup field to find the MAX(values) of all linked offers (and subsequently add formulas to find out which Name is your highest bidder associated with your MAX(value) of offers on an item).

I’m not in a position to provide step by step instructions at the moment, but this might help: