Airtable Automatically Transposing Field Headers


Not sure what the trigger is but I’ve seen this a few times. Airtable is actually changing the location of the field headers; for example the order input is header 1,2,3,4,5 and Airtable is changing it to 1,5,4,3,2. This is a monumental failure…there is no way to confirm integrity of the data…are the field headers just switched or is it the data? or a combination.

We’re using this to make decisions on high dollar acquisitions and I can’t even tell if the data is accurate…


Do you have any collaborators working in that base with you that might be changing the positions of the fields? I’ve never seen anything like that happen in any of my bases.


Nope…it’s happened in several of my bases…seems pretty random. It appears that the fields are still linked in the Blocks page builder correctly.


Did you create views on this table ? Or sorting/filtering ?
Do you work on this base on iOS or Android instead of the web interface?

I was confronted to that problem no so long ago. I created view using the web interface, I checked it on the iOS app’ (which really needs big improvements especially with views/sorting/filtering) and when I got back on the web interface, some of my fields had moved.

I just re-ordered the fields and it didn’t happened again since…

It felt like a glitch somewhere.


I think the order of the fields is per-view. Maybe that is the problem?


That’s a logical explanation, but there is only one view I use…