Airtable automation "send email" creates spam

Hi guys,

I need help because have an issue because with a Gmail > Send email automation…

On the technical part it works quite well! However since I’ve been using this Automation, my collaborators are telling me that my emails are received in spams!

Internally, that’s not a problem because they added me to their ‘not spam list’ but it is a huge issue as I use them for recontacting my leads and clients…

Do you know what I can do ?
Thanks in advance!

This is tantamount to applying a bandaid to a deep knife wound. :wink: It only slows the bleeding.

Working in a climate where your domain has been tagged as a spammer is a huge problem because it can affect all aspects of the CRM process and even corrupt your domain’s ability to sustain search findability.

Fix this by starting here - - I suspect you have a DKIM configuration issue or, your patterns of behaviour have violated the CANSPAM act and caused many recipients to report you.

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Hey bill!
Thanks a lot for your help!

I’ve been checking in the page and as a result of the test I have this telling me that I pass and that I’m a good sender and not referenced as spam!

Could the problem come from the automation or Airtable servers?

Thanks again for your help

Possible, but is Airtable actually doing the email sending?

Is it possible the users are vastly aligned with outlook email clients and servers?

I think it’s impossible to be a “good sender” without a DKIM signature.

So do you think this is just linked to the fact that my signature and or introduction formula is not my name ?

Because I set up sender as “Pierre from Key Garde”
Email is sent from :
And end formula is “Pierre from Key Garde Team”

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