Airtable Automation - When record is removed from view trigger

Is there a way to trigger an automation when a record is removed from a view? I know there is one from when a record enter a view, but I need the opposite and my random tests have not been working!

You can create a view with the opposite conditions as the actual view, so that when the record leaves the original view, it will enter the new view. Then use entering the new view as your condition.

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Thank you for this! Is there a way in the action to show who made the change? and specifically what the filter column changed to?

The automation itself does not know who made the change that triggered the automation. So you need to get this information from field values.
You can use a combination of {Last Modified By} and {Last Modified Time} fields to get this information.

The automation will also have the current field value for the filtered value. It will not have the previous value of the filtered field. Getting that value requires another field to store the old value, and automations to keep it updated.

This makes sense! Thank you so much for your help here!

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