Airtable automation

My name is Stepan.
I work in the field of process automation, and often use Airtable as a database for my clients.
Want to start a video blog about some tricks how to make Airtable automations.
I’m here to ask, what kind of integrations/automation would be the most interesting for you?
Feel free to make your suggestions here.

Thank you!

I would love to know if it’s possible/be able to have a Single Select label changed based on an upcoming date.

So, for example, if I have a date column with 12/10 specified, I’d like the Single Select column to change from one option to “Due Soon” automatically.

Hi @Brenda_Carey

Is this post specifically for SDOK Blog? If so, you might want to use the @ key and then select the name, so that he can get this reply directly.

Mary K