I am trying to create a duplicate table in the same base with few records.
I have used trigger actions and trial run was tested successfully.
trigger( a new record created in s_table in base_1) to action( create new record in s2_table in base_1)
the s2_table has custom modifications so that the records to integrate it to Hubspot via zapier.


The only change in the field type from original to duplicate is primary services ( multiple select ) and primary services ( multi line text in s2 table).>> reason( for Hubspot integration)
I will appreciate it if some one help me with the automation issue?

Something like this is usually possible because Zapier can read Formula fields:

  1. Go ahead and bring over the columns as they are in s_table base_1
  2. in s2_table, Create a Formula column and use ARRAYJOIN({Primary Services}, ', ')
  3. in s2_table, Create a Formula column and use ARRAYJOIN({Secondary Services}, ', ')
  4. Point Zapier at the new Formula fields…

Yes, it is a little hacky… but really if you haven’t found a workaround to this since your original post date… what have you got to lose? :sweat_smile: