Airtable Billing Problem

Previous year i joined pro plan and connect my bank account.In June pro period ends iam going to stop pro plan.But i don’t know why it happens airtable automatically withdrawn my money.I lost 16,450 Ruppies ,I don’t want it please help me

Send an email to

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They are saying that please post in Community

i request to refund and downgrade my account but my money is not refunded

Hi @Don_Njondanmakal,

This is an automated response, they will still reply to your email (although it might take a day or 2 for that to happen).


@Mohamed_SwellamI downgraded the plan But My amount is not refunded

As others have pointed out, billing issues can only be handled by Airtable support, and the suggestion to ask in the community is a generic email reply to the initial request. I’m sorry, but nobody in this community forum can help in this situation. You’ll need to wait for further updates from Airtable support via email.