Airtable Chatbot


The forms are an excellent way to collect information in a pre-formatted way. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of app based forms that are chat bots. The chat screen would open and ask the first field (text, date, etc.) and once you confirm the information is correct, the chat bot would move to the next field and so on. This way you can add information in a conversational way. Each field would prompt the chat bot to ask question in specific ways based on the data field type using loops voice to text, then confirmation that the information is correct, then move to the next field.

Slack chat for Airtable form entry?

Hi @Jacob_Clayton I’m interested in this way of collecting form data generally, and want to build an open source Chatbot on top of Airtable to do exactly this (collect form data via conversation). If you’re interested in helping out, let me know. Also, @Airtable if you’re already working on this, can you flag so that I don’t waste precious sprint cycles.


Did you all make any progress on this? I’m doing some quick research to see what existing work I can extend before I try to create from scratch.


Any progress on this?


Has anyone worked on this?? Very valuable feature!!!


Hey everyone - I have created a basic chatbot that collects user’s name and email. And then sends it to an Airtable.

Here is the bot link -
And this is the table link -

Interact with the bot and then refresh the table to see the responses populated in there.

Were you looking for something similar?