Airtable -> Conditional SMS

Inside of my Airtable base I have two fields that log the timestamp when certain fields are updated like this:

From there I take the two timestamp fields and calculate the difference, the calculations reveals the time different for a product to move from “status 1” to “status 2” in minutes.


With this calculation, I would like to have a conditional SMS message ideally or email if the time difference exceeds a certain threshold.

If the above is possible, there are further items I would like to improve upon.

Hi @James_Hillegas1,

This is totally possible using Twilio or RingCentral on Zapier for the sms part, also for the email part can be done using whichever email service you choose.

To be able to do that, you need to specify the duration you need for the auto sms (or auto email) and make views with filters on that duration that you will later use to trigger the zaps.

If this helps you with your needs, please mark this as Solution so others can see it.


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