Airtable CRM displaying fields by priority

Hi ,
i’m trying to manage my team using Airtable as a CRM.

In my database, i have a table for the different person of the team, and one for the tasks, with a field for the priority of each one : ongoing, urgent, finished.

I want to send an email everyday (using zapier) to each person of the team with the “Urgent” task to do.

For that, i need to create a formula that will display only the “urgent” tasks.

Do someone knows about this formula ?

Thanks for your help

You don’t necessarily need a formula. Your trigger in Zapier would be the “Schedule by Zapier” trigger, set to “Every Day”. The second step would be the Airtable “Find Record” action. After connecting to your account, you’d choose your base and table, then select the field containing your priority value in “Search by Field,” and the value you wish to find (e.g. “urgent”, minus the quotes) in the “Search Value” field. The step(s) after that would parse the returned records to build the email for your staff.

Thanks for your answer Justin.

To be more precise, i want to zapier to find the record of each person in the Team table.

In this table, i have a Tasks field linking to the Tasks table.

I would like to create a new field for each category of priority : urgent, ongoing, finished.

This way i can write and send an html email with zapier where tasks are separated in different paragraph by priority.