Airtable + Custom Test Item Template

I’m using AirTable to track participants in a series of trainings. They will write sample test questions (using a template) as part of this training; sample questions are reviewed and feedback provided, then they revise and resubmit. Previously they’ve done this in Word docs with renaming and uploading to an FTP etc. etc. but I am sure there’s an app that could make integrating this with their records in AirTable automatic. My initial searches have come up empty, however. The system has to be more secure than say Google docs.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Google Docs was first announced in 2007 and in the 14 years and 100 million customers hosting almost 100 billion documents, I can’t recall a single breach. Finding anything that’s more secure than Google Docs might be a stretch.

What you’re describing here is probably not ideal for a document model. Rather, each question is a data object (like a record) and should probably be handled with a mix of forms and conversations about the records containing the questions.

Thank you! I’m sure my question betrays my relative newcomer status to Airtable.

Hi Andrea, and welcome to Airtable and the community!

Not at all - it’s a good line of questioning. In fact, I totally missed that you were new here because it’s common challenge to wonder how best to tackle create/review/edit processes.

To add more clarity, I would start with a simple table that contains the fields that would appear in your template. Include things like a way to perhaps categorize the question, etc. Then use the form option to create an entry form based on the table. As new items roll in, try using the ability to comment on each record as a way to review and provide feedback.

I think that will become a little more streamlined than using documents for every question development process.

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