Airtable Customer Phone Number

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to set up a Project management Tool for our CPA firm. Do we have any other CPA firms in this community who use Airtable to manage their workflow? what template or format do you use?

Also can anyone give me a customer service phone number for Airtable. I can’t find it online.


I have the same question?

In addition, how can anyone trust a company that goes to such lengths to keep their contact hidden from the public?

Edit: Jason, the issue is not solved and that is not a solution, thanks for closing the discussion down BTW.
Any company should be able to be reached by phone, some companies like yours go way out of their way to avoid the public and their customers. An email address with an automated response is a slap in the face of people who have given you their hard earned cash and generally to the public who have a right to talk to a company doing public business. If you can’t afford to pay a receptionist or your billing department can’t afford to pay someone to answer calls, how can anyone trust you can afford to invest in your own company’s maintenance?

Hi @Dumbi and @Fred_Ordonez,

We’re a pretty small (but growing!) team and aren’t currently set up for phone calls for our self-serve customers at the moment. Our support team is happy to answer questions if you contact us through the in-app help menu.