Airtable Dependent Automations

Hello everybody! I have a system where multiple bases feeds information into one base. I created automations to add those records automaticity. (Through the use of synced bases) I have noticed that there are a lot of duplicate records. So I decided to use the “Find Record” action to find similar records (through the customer’s name), however I can not figure out how to make the “create record” action dependent on this “find record” action. So it only creates records if it doesn’t find any similar records.

Is there a easy way to do this?

Hi Nathan. Check out the conditional actions part of the automation. You can look at the length of the array/list returned by the “find records” to decide if you want to create a new record.

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Should I set it to be equal to zero? @augmented

That’s what I would do. Only take the action if the “find records” didn’t find anything.

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