AIrtable development best practices

My organization has been slowly integrating Airtable into our tool portfolio, and as the bases become more critical and more complex, I don’t see a great way of developing/auditing/version control for bases. Data snapshots and exports can serve to backup the data, but it doesn’t appear that schemas/formulas/relationships are preserved. I’m looking for any ideas to put Airtable development/deployment more on a par with conventional software development, to wit:

  • How do people handle development/acceptance test/production, or do people do that at all? It seems that the only way to do that is simply to duplicate bases and name them appropriately (eg; Mybase_DEV, MyBase_UAT, etc.)
  • Is there any way to audit formula/relationship/schema/script/automation changes?
  • Is there a way to build any kind of development pipeline with automated tests and the ability to fork/revert changes?

Welcome to the community, @Steve_Edberg!

The tools that you’re looking for do not exist within Airtable.

The best you’ll be able to find are these great 3rd-party tools from On2Air:

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