Airtable for history logs

Hi there Airtable community.
I watched some videos and read some posts. I need confirmation if Airtable can do what I need. Here’s the main actions that we are looking for:

  • Logged in members must be able to search for only 1 specific entry. In this case a specific vehicle according to its chassis nr
  • If we have a record of the vehicle, I need to a) display the service history, b) be able to add a line (not change the current info).
  • If no record exist, then I need the use to be able to create a new entry/record
  • Only paying members/users will be able to search ALL records. Not only the records they created
  • Please note that i dont want to display all the entries in the table when logged in. I only want 1 entry to show after it has been found in database. Think of it as a pay per view system.

Thanks for your time. I think Airtable is the way to go but need to hear from the experts if I am on right track here.

Hi Nelius,

Yes, all that sounds like doable in Airtable — I think I’ve come to get a general idea of how those requirements could be technically implemented.

If you’re considering hiring someone for the job, I kindly invite you to reply here with some contact details so that we follow up.

Good luck.

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