Airtable Forms & Attachments

My question is on Why are my pictures only showing up in Grid View, but not when I open up the form and in Form View?

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Hey there! Great question.

I don’t know the structure of your base, but I would be willing to be it’s because you need to create a link to the record with the image.

When you create a form within your table (that contains the attachement), you are expecting the form to add an image, however if you make that field a link to another table that contains the attachments you’ll be forcing the user to choose from the images you have already prepared

(This is just a quick guess based on your use case, but if I’m wrong, please share your form/base so we can help)

Alright, I do understand what you mean, however I tried linking another record and still did not work unless I am doing it wrong which might be possible. Could you provide step by step how to do it or shall I proceed to attach it so we can collaborate?

Forms are for submitting new data into the database, not viewing existing data.

So you could have people upload new images into your database via a form, but you can’t have them view existing images via a form.

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