Airtable ➡️ Google Cloud Storage (.csv) ➡️ Google Data Studio [Help!]

Hey Y’all,

Is anyone familiar with Google Data Studio?


  • I’m playing with an idea of archiving data from Airtable.

  • To do that, I’m routinely exporting the JSON output from the API, and appending a CSV in Google Cloud Storage.

  • I’m using that CSV to create a report in Google Data Studio.


  • I’m at a loss of how to leverage Linked Records in visualizations, which output from the API as an array of Record IDs.

  • Currently, Data Studio only sees them as strings.


  • What are my options for replicating many-to-many linked record relationships in Google Data Studio? Will I need to load my data into Big Query first?
  • If so, what are some best practices/suggestions for working with Big Query I can leverage? Links are much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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All the linked records must be duplicated to separate column as formula (as easy as reference the column). By doing that, the data is stored as text.

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