Airtable Hairball - Base Schema app needs retain highligted cell when moving around

Here is screenshot of my Airtable chaos I have in one of my bases. The main table has about 400 fields and I can’t really move them to another table without creating duplicate data entry, manual work or need for automation.

If I need to figure things out, it’s a fishing expedition. The issue with the Base Schema app is it doesn’t keep the highlighted field while I move the tables around to explore the linking. I need to zoom in and out and move around but as soon as I move the mouse pointer from the field (cell), the focus changes and the cell is no longer highlighted (so when I highlight the cell to see linkages and then try to move around, the red color is gone).

I am not saying the red highlight should stay permanent, what I would wish for is if there was a way to “freeze” the highlighted cell and linkages while I am exploring the relationships.

This sounds like a real problem! Although sadly, it’s unlikely that Airtable will improve this anytime soon. You may want to check out On2Air Schema to see if it does what you need!

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Interesting. Looks good. So the $9.99 starter program seems include 1 schema. Do you know if what they call a “schema” in On2Air is the same as schema in AirTable?

What is more interesting I find looking at On2Air is their Actions. I’ll post it as a new question in the forum here since it’s unrelated to my original post.