Airtable IFTTT Google Sheet

I am trying to connect Airtable and Google sheet through IFTTT Triggers

I seek to a row of data entered in Google Sheet pulled from Airtable whenever a Trigger is fired in IFTTT.

It all working fine.

But the Google Sheet has data spat out and the data is scattered in the a single colum, and is not properly formatted, which is cumbersome to read as IFTTT is getting the row of data and adding the row to Google Sheets without adding the Colum Heads in the Sheet.

Here is how the Google Sheet displays the date: all in one ROW…

INV-10010100 {“Invoice Date and Time”:“2020-04-27T10:47:26.000Z”,“Invoice Number”:“INV-2004271047”,“Revenue Increased”:0,“Link to Client Database”:[“rec7OMmNrmhRjUCAx”],“Courses”:[“recIj3orTEDtSQQ7Q”],“Create Link to Education Provider Database”:[“rec9z2OcyOanZhakS”],“Education Provider Address”:[“13 Benowa Road Southport Postal: PO Box 4931, Bundall, Qld 4217”],“ABN”:[27620585615],“Link to Agreement Entities”:[“recBfs6qyHhEYCpYB”],“From”:["30609/9 Lawson St Southport QLD 4215 Australia "],“Commission ID”:[“recewRIu25MguYswt”],“Invoice Amount”:[580],“Client Name”:[“rec7OMmNrmhRjUCAx”],“Course Name”:[“recms3FroBwAWMloT”,“reczcSQ0zR2TvRlJs”],“Invoice to:”:[“rec9wtItxtNs7VCfL”],“Date of Birth”:[“1999-03-26”],“Passport Number”:[“N2697513”],“Our Reference Number”:[“MAY260399SER”],“Invoice Status”:“Invoice Sent”}

The idea is to lay the data properly in Google Sheet and use the data to generate invoices from Google Sheet.



Hi, I have exact the same thing. Did you manage to find a solution?

The end up using Podio and it much better suits my requirements.