Airtable is used to manage several projects

hello guys,
i am looking for this apps to manage my several projects. i proposing to use table as my “portofolio” and use category as my “project”. I am little bit confusing how to add more category within the table. maybe some of you willing to share your experience in using Airtable to manage several projects and oversee project statuses in a glance.
thanks you

Hello @Yere_Runtu ,

Adam from Airtable here. Thanks for writing in! I’m linking to some resources below that might help you to get started.

• Watch the 12 Minute Guide to Airtable
Step by step guide to Airtable
Guide to Airtable advanced fields (formulas, lookups, rollups, etc)
• Check out our template gallery, with hundreds of examples of use cases
• Browse the Airtable Universe, with hundreds of real ways that our users are using Airtable
• Learn more about Airtable Blocks
Sign up for a live training

Is there anything specific that you’d like some assistance with?

Have a great day!

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thank you Adam.
appreciate your suggestion

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