Airtable London Meetup

Hi all,

Are there any other London-based Airtable fanatics that would be interested in a meetup organised in London? I’m thinking something around a Show & Tell format where people can grab 10 minutes to run through a base they’re proud of.

Let me know if there’s any interest!

Hey Russell, I’m keen. you can reach me on

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Hey –

I’m keen too. I’m

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Yes! I am in! We can host this at our office if you would like… Suds (AT) interestingcontent (dot) co (dot) UK

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Whatever happened to this?

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Well @Saastronomicalnow might not be the right time… pandemic-wise!

In future though I’m happy to explore this further – was just testing the waters for numbers. It sounds like @Usman_Omar may be able to host which would be great.

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