Airtable Lookup to Single Select

Here’s the situation. I’ve automated data coming in from a different platform that has a Single Select List. When the data comes in to Table 1, it’s an ID jargon that I need to have converted to a List Name in another Table 2 where ID to List Name is defined. I then have a lookup field in Table 1 that gets Table 2’s list name, this way it associate with the rest of the data imported, but I noticed it won’t allow me to do a lookup field as a single select so that I can use it as a kanban. Is there a workaround for this?

Hi @Dan_Emmerie

You cannot do that since its a linked field, the data has to live in the same table to be able to use Kanban (i.e.: when you move the card from one stack to the other the songle select field would actually change, which in case of a lookup it will not).

I understand, but I’m looking for a workaround. Another user pointed out maybe I can use automations. So when lookup field is updated, update single select field. Does that sound like it will work?

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