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I’m new to AirTable. One of our vendors has provided us with a shared view that I want to automate downloading via the API with a C# console app.

All of the documentation I see refers to a base ID, and I’m able to get the sample APIs to work. But our view doesn’t have a base. When I go to the URL directly, I simply get a password prompt. Entering that, I get access to the grid/view.

I’m looking for a little guidance for how to connect to our page via the API.

Hey Brandon,

With a browser logged into the Airtable account, point another browser tab to the API. The docs will allow you to select the base and the ID will be prominently displayed in the docs.

Thanks Bill,

Tried that and it gave me a page not found. In your link, as well as the demo APIs, the bases all start with ‘app’, while mine starts with ‘shr’. Could that be part of the issue?

Yes, you have a shared view of the data and I’m pretty sure that’s not adequate permissions to use the API.

The API requires a security context into the content direct to the Base, so I think you need more than a share.

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Much appreciated. We’ll contact the vendor and see what we can do.
Best to you.

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