Airtable notifications sent to Slack have wrong time


In a nutshell: We use Airtable as an online photo assignment form. If a reporter needs a photographer for a story, they fill out an Airtable form, which gets sent to a Slack channel so that our photo chief knows about it no matter where he is. But those notifications are coming in at the wrong time. Because each assignment is about 7 hours off, my gut tells me there’s a time zone setting I’m missing, but haven’t found where I can update that.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help, y’all!


Hi Joe_Hadsall

If you do a search, in Airtable, with the keywords “time zone” you might find a solution there. It seems that there are a lot of postings regarding this topic. If that doesn’t help, re-post again and someone who has more experience in formulas, then I do, could help you.

Hope you can find a good solution.



I think the Slack timestamps are provided by Slack itself. Check to see what timezone you have specified in your Slack Preferences under ‘Language & Region.’