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Hello everyone, my first post here, looking for some help.

I am trying to Send an email every time a new record show in my View.
The problem I am facing is the fields that are “Linked to” are showing up encoded, I want it to show the actual result in the email.
For exemple:
Name: John Webb
is showing up as
Name: ecLSgtZ3ZsfIejGD

Print screen added.

Hope you can help me find a solution for this.
Thank you in advance.

Hey there - You’ll need to add a search step before you can use this data.

So use the record value “ecLSgtZ3ZsfIejGD” to search the other table, which will contain the email value you need.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your answer, but you have to be a little more specific.
I am fairly new to Airtable and Zaps. When exactly should I be doing the search? Before or after the email?
My goal is to have the exact result(The Customer Full name) delivered to my email.
Can I automate the search you are talking about ?

Before the email (So right before that task you showed us in the first post). You are essentially using the record value to perform a search. Once you do, all the data will be available for that person.

I think I am even more confused now.
In the picture I showed you on first post I am using “Record D” as an exemple on what data to find, correct?
I don’t quite understand what I should be doing. Do another zap is that it?

Yes - But then you want to use this value : “recLSgtZ3ZsfIejGD” to search for the record in the table where John is kept.

So after that screenshot, run a “search airtable” task with that record ID and search by “Record ID” pulling in that value - John will be pulled through, and you’ll be able to use his details in subsequent steps

I wasnt finding that search part on zapier thats why I wasn’t understanding. Thank you for answering.
I am having trouble though with matching the results, heres a print screen, maybe you can help me.

Base is correct, table is where the original Clients are, and the Field is the original one for the Name field.
The record id, is the the one I get on my email for this Client.
It is giving me an error, like this

Change search by from “name” to “record ID” and you’ll find the data you’re looking for

That’ll do it :smiley:

I am getting this error :frowning:
Thnak you for taking your time to help me.

Can you show me what the query was please? (how you formatted the request?)

I have changed the data that I showed you at first. Heres all the steps I took.

This is my inital step
Captura de ecrã 2020-05-07, às 14.04.42

This is my 2nd step
Captura de ecrã 2020-05-07, às 14.04.52

and this is the error fetching the information
Captura de ecrã 2020-05-07, às 14.05.12

Hey! You need to use the dropdown for Search by field

In your Airtable base, you should create a field that is a formula Call it “record ID” (or something similar) and make the formula


Sucess on connecting !

But it still can’t show me the client’s name.
Here is how I set up the Outlook part, I choose the number 2 Option, “Find Record in Airtable” correct?

And Here as you can see it is still showing encripted, not revealing the customers name :frowning:
Customer name = “2. Fields Cliente”

Hey! What is “Product leads name”

That is not the clients name.
What is exactly my problem? All the fields are showing their normal result EXEPT for fields that I use the “Link to…” Field type. By other words, all fields that aren’t filled in natively in this table.
Can you understand what I am trying to explain?

This is the customer name(encoded)
Captura de ecrã 2020-05-07, às 16.20.44

Hey there. You have no idea how close you are. The solution is in front of you, but I will map it out again. Please follow all instructions

1.In Airtable: Ensure Customer name has a Field with RECORD_ID()
2. In Zapier- Once you have pulled in the record from the first table you will have the Record ID value for that customer
3. In Zapier: Next use that value to look up this ID in the Customer table

You will now have all details, including name for that customer.

I’m really sorry - I can’t spend any more time on this. I hope it helps.

To clarify though - That is not an encoded Client name. It is the Record ID of the client you are using with the Link-To feature of Airtable.

Saastronomical thank you very much for your help, I obviously understand you have better things to do.

I did manage to successfully make the “Step 1. New Record”, and “Step 2. Find Record” but I can’t by any means figure out how to Show the Real name and not the Record ID of it. And trust me I have been trying to figure it out :grimacing:

I guess when we spend too many hours in front of the same problem we are not productive. And you can write that for eternity.

In these last 43minutes I figured it all out. Thank you very much for your help.

In summary I had to add a Record ID for every table that I wanted to search. And use the record ID that is sent to Zapier to search for the Customer Name(This table also sends me the car owned by this customer), then, I use the Car Record ID to search (In a total of 2 ZAP’s) for the Car itself.
Complex, but easy to figure out once you give yourself permission to breathe.

Amazing work! So happy you managed to get it up and running! The sky is the limit now.

Hope I helped :slight_smile:

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