Airtable Pro Challenge 🏆 Schedule for Volunteers

Hello ???Airtableonions??? :grin:,

I have 3 issues am trying to solve. I have spent hours trying to figure them out, but I am no Airtable pro yet and seeking some help to see if they are possible.

I have a scheduling base for Volunteers helping at Non-Profits.
I have created a basic version below to give you an idea of what i am looking for.

#1. Volunteering with -
If multiple volunteers are on the (same date, same location, same start time, same stop time), I would like a column ":raising_hand_man:Volunteering with :raising_hand_man: " to show the names of each volunteer on the same detail.

#2. Double Booked -
If a volunteer is signed up for multiple details the same day I would like a column “:eyes: Double Booked/Overlapping Shifts :eyes:”, if they are double booked or have overlapping shifts.

#3. Relieving/Relieved by -
I would like two columns ":handshake:Relieving Volunteer :handshake: " & ":handshake:Relieved By Volunteer :handshake: " to list the names of those volunteers if applicable (ie. If one shift ends and another one starts. Shift one is 0800-1000, shift two is 1000-1400, shift three is 1400-1600, etc.)

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Sorry, I had to remove the first link allowing people to edit the table. I didn’t realize Airtable would charge me for everyone who was trying to help come up with a solution. They already charged my card for 7 collaborators :frowning:
So that brings a new question. How does one share a table when they have a question, without being charged?

Thanks again.


Most likely your current base is in workspace which is not free.
When you login into airtable at that time it shows listing of workspaces (free workspaces will have word free next to workspace name) and bases inside workspace. As your workspace is not free, you will be charged for collaborators .

You can create new workspace(free) and duplicate your base into this new free workspace and then share the base in free workspace with invitelink etc.


Thank you Neal.

Here is the new link for sample table:

Invite (for editing):

Anyone can view (but not edit) this base with this read-only link: