Airtable Reports to show Multiple records

So as it is known, no direct method of creating reports. And before the community replies with suggestions of the Page Designer block, let me clarify that I am talking about MULTIPLE records per printable page to be shown in a report. What I want and what a majority of users want is something that is really quite simple but for some reason, hasn’t been implemented yet.

What I would like to see is a report builder feature where it is an exact copy of a selected table in a base. Within this report builder, I may sort, filter, and hide columns to my choosing. Obviously, this may be done in the base itself. But let’s get real, that’s not sustainable. I want a one-click page to show me information sorted as I want without having to re-input all my filters. The report builder feature would allow what is basically a custom view into a printable report that can be customized for viewing ease.

Even better, is if that report was able to be viewed in a web page like the form is. That way, the user could save that report as a shortcut to his/her computer station to open as they need without having to re-open Airtable. Or that on the dashboard, a “my reports” option would be available. This would allow for a great time savings in finding information one needs in everyday business operations.

I don’t mean to come across as harsh, but this is a huge drawback and even a flaw in the Airtable system. This exact feature could be the turning point of many customers.