Airtable Script - "when a record matches conditions" -> How do I get the records that triggered the automation?

I configured an Airtable automation script to trigger when a record matches some conditions.

I had expected to somehow get an “input” containing the said records, but it feels like there isn’t such thing. My goal is to perform processing for the said records only.

I didn’t find anything in the API reference

Is it possible? If not, what’s the recommended way to about that? I’m thinking about iterating over all elements and check if some field is empty and if so then perform some processing for that record.

Also, I read that only 15 records can be updated per second, how does this work? Is it handled by Airtable automatically or do I need to temporize the updates myself so that I don’t go over the limit?

If I understood you correctly, you can use input.config() to pull information from Trigger into the script.
You have setup windows to the left of scripting block where you can configure it and than use in your script. Here is example in a script I made some time ago where you can see how its done (there is a lot of unnecessary stuff in the script itself but it was one of the first I made so i was marking and checking each step :D)

Thanks, I tried to use it but when I create an input variable, I’m not able to run the script anymore. :thinking:

The “Test” top-right button gets disabled and I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do.
Removing the input variable fixes it. This is confusing.

Hmm, did you try to re-test trigger step again after adding input.config? You need it to be success for script to be able to run, might be there was some issue there, at least judging buy the message you get
Maybe some of our fellow forum members with more experience at scripting could provide some additional insight.