Airtable setup to use for catering business


Hope everyone is well.

I would like someone to consult with on an ongoing basis to help me with using airtable to keep track of the ongoing with my catering business.

I need things like a tab based system for all my recipes
food cost sheets
inventory sheets
calendars for my events
and a few more things along the way.
If anyone could help me that would be amazing.

Thanks so much



Hi Maurizio,
I would be able to help you out on this…
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,


Hi Maurizio. I’m a Virtual Assistant with a focus on data and project management and I can easily help you with this. My email is


Hi, I can help you to achieve this project, would it be possible to know a little bit more about it?
Let me please give you my mail



Hi, We built something to do some of these functions for our catering business. email me at if you want to know more.


Hi Maurizo,

I can create a perfect database for what you are needing. I can get started right away and have it done in a few days. Would you be able to schedule a call with me to discuss details and pricing?

Phone: 480.818.5247

You can visit to learn more about me.