Airtable simple maths, please help! I will put in the start record everyday, and the used KG from yesterday. a formula will calculate the yesterday finish record. please see picture

See 7000 -1000 = 6900 and fill up the cell for me just like in Morocsoft excel, please help

Welcome to the community, @LAZY_APACHE!

Airtable is not a spreadsheet, it is a database. So unlike a spreadsheet, there is no way for one record (row) to see the values from another record (row) unless you manually link to that record using a “linked record field”, and then you can lookup the values from that record using a “lookup field”.

I don’t cover too much math in my free Airtable training course, but I do cover linked record fields & lookup fields, so you can understand the basics of linked records & lookup fields:

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