Airtable stopped working - the view is scrambled text


Yesterday Airtable stopped functioning for me. It started with bases not loading when clicked on, and now I see nothing but scrambled text instead of my tables. Anything I should try? Is it just me, or have others had this issue? Thanks!


No issues here… but loading up views is a bit slow I noticed (especially block view)


Just as I said that… goes down!!!

I’m unable to access anything (this forum still works though). I get:

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

I checked on website availability sites and it seems it’s down for everyone.


now back on… strange!


Happened to me twice I think during the last weeks but It always comes back quickly (within 10 to 20 minutes).

I thought it was just maybe simply a maintenance check or alike (correcting bugs, etc…)


It’s back!! Mine was out for over 24 hours. Interesting. Glad it’s working again now in any case.


I’m surprised there has been no official word from the Airtable team on this. Was this a genuine outage?


For a 24h inaccessibility, I’m surprised too.

Concerning my ~15 min inaccessibility, not so much.

I checked everything when it happened. My internet connection was fine and the community was still on.
As I was working on formulas I was using the web interface so, I tried, just to see, to access my bases on iOS but it didn’t work.

The only conclusion, for me, was that it was coming from Airtable :confused:

No one else, here, report this problem at that time and as it was quickly back on and didn’t have the time to create a topic, I didn’t report it either.

As the support can be directly contacted, maybe most of the users who have encountered the same problem chose to send an email instead of coming here ? I don’t know :woman_shrugging:


It seems like there are two different issues being discussed in this topic: downtime and scrambled text (which may or may not be related to one another).

Re: downtime. Airtable has had a few instances of downtime recently, but there was never any point at which Airtable had 24 hours(!) of global downtime. @Karen_Schravemade, it might be possible that some of Airtable’s global downtime overlapped with issues related to just your browser/computer/something else.

Re: the scrambled text. Based on your description, that sounds like a caching issue (not related to downtime). It sounds like you were able to load the page, but your browser cached a broken version of CSS causing the text to show up garbled. If this ever happens again, we suggest hard refreshing the browser to clear the cache (instructions for Chrome/Firefox here).

Finally, if you’re ever having an issue which involves you being unable to access your base(s), I strongly suggest that you email directly rather than posting here—you’ll get responses from our team much faster that way. This forum is primarily designed for users to have conversations with each other, and not for users to contact the staff regarding urgent matters (and being unable to access your base is one of the most urgent matters possible!).

Going to close out this topic, but if anyone in this topic has any remaining questions, feel free to reach out to (for faster results) or start another topic.