Airtable Support not responding to in-app request

Hello. Our team has a problem with unexpected debits due to the creation of too many billable collaborators. That is, we created three users without realising they would be billable. We need only the one billable user on our PRO plan. One of the debits is a strange amount not related to the published rates for the plan. We have cancelled all our Airtable users and have been forced to continue development under the FREE plan. We understand that there is a pro rata refund available in this situation, but what we seem to have been given is a promise of a reduction in future fees. This would not be suitable. But we cannot know anything for sure until we get into some sort of dialogue with Airtable.

However, our office manager has sent a request, via the in-app form, for assistance with this problem three times over the last two months and received NO REPLY from Airtable.

Does anybody know how to get support from Airtable?

In the meantime we are sending a priority mail to their postage address. I don’t know if they read these.


I am pleased to report that we have received a response on 26/6 and it looks as though our issue will be resolved.


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