Airtable Sync Pro (20 tables per base) versus Plus/Free (1 table per base)

I want to sync two tables to another base. If I sign up for Pro and decide to go back to Plus or Free what happens to my data?

In the destination I would have two synced tables and one other table. In that third table, I would be linking data from the sync tables. Will the data in the 3rd table that came from those synced tables disappear if I downgrade? Or will the sync tables still be there with data, just unable to sync anything new to them?

Thanks, Stacey

Hi @Stacey_Cummings,

Welcome back!

While I can’t say for sure what will happen when you change account type, I do know if you remove a source from a sync table, it will remove the data so I’m inclined to think one of the tables would cease to link, therefore the data would be removed. I could be wrong though, as I do know Apps remain in a base when an account is downgraded, however, they aren’t visible so they don’t really help until the account is re-upgraded.


I did get an answer from Airtable when I contacted them:

This was from Zack in support
“When downgrading to Plus or Free when you have syncs from the Pro plan set up, your sync will pause. However, no data will be deleted as a result of this.”

He’s not talking about multi-source syncing. But, I understand what you are talking about related to removing a source. I will beware of that.

The main reason I wanted an answer to this is because I’m not a business. I’m using Airtable for research. Just me! I’m also going to retire soon and $240 a year may make me stop and think? I know Airtable isn’t catering to people like me, but I wish the Plus plan allowed a few more table syncs, than jumping to PRO to get 20. Plus is identical to the Free plan, one table sync per base. I’m going to upgrade to Pro and see if there’s other features that would justify the cost.

Thanks, Stacey

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