Airtable to Airtable integration with zapier


Hi All,
I’m trying to create a new record in table A when a record appear in View of Table B.
It works the first time a record appears in the View, but no longer after that.
The objective is to generate orders (Table A) when product stock (Table B) fall below a define number (filtered view of Table B).
Sounds that Zapier only detect first time the product appears in the view.

Any one got an idea?


This is standard Zapier behaviour - it automatically deduplicates source data preventing the same record from triggering a zap twice.

I have made a suggestion to Zapier that they enable a feature to turn this off where the datasource is a database query or filtered view (as with Airtable) - but I’m not certain how they will view this idea. It would then rely on the customer using a Zapier action to update the record so that it no longer appeared in the filtered view.

An alternative could be fore Airtable to implement instant zaps (I know of other apps which do this) which I believe use Webhooks to trigger the zap behind the scenes.

Until then, I don’t think this is possible.