Airtable to Docupilot via Zapier, pulling info from linked field with multiple records


Hi all

So I’m trying to use docupilot as an alternative to page designer, as it provides more flexibility

I have a table called BLA, which has a linked field to another table “Product Line Items”. That second table has 6 fields of information that I need.

I want to pull the information for each linked item via a zap to send to docupilot, along with all the records from the BLA table.

Any ideas on how I can achieve this?


Update! I’ve managed to get the find zap to work, but its not pulling up every line item, just one.


Hi Sarah, you could explore On2Air: Actions to handle working with multiple rows. We call it bulk mode, or line items in Zapier terms.


Unfortunately $49 a month is way out of any budget I could get approved.


Hi Sarah,

I’m from Docupilot team.

You can use Rollup fields in your BLA table to get the information from linked table.

You will need to create 6 Rollup fields in your BLA table that points to your Product Line items table fields. You will need to use ARRAYJOIN(values) as aggregation function.

In Zapier you will get all the Rollup fields data, you will need to map the 6 Rollup fields accordingly in Docupilot action.