Airtable to Google Sheets through Zapier



I’ve been trying to fix an issue for some time. Essentially, I’m trying to link Airtable to Google Sheets. I want a new record in a specific view in Airtable to be copied into a Google sheet. I am using Zapier to do this, and so far it has been successful, except for one problem. The record that is pulled by Zapier seems to be the most recent one to have been added to the table as a whole, not the view, which makes it complicated when records created at different times are added randomly.

For example, let’s take two records: record #1 is created on 3/14/18, and record #2 on 3/15/18. If I move record #2 to the view first, Zapier detects it and copies it to the Google sheet. If I then move record #1 to the view, Zapier will not detect it as a new record, since it was added before record #2 (at least, that’s my understanding), and the Zap will not be triggered. I’ve tried sorting the view so that it sorts it based on when the record was added to the view, not the table as a whole, but that does not seem to fix it.

Have you come across this problem? Have I missed a step somewhere? I’ve only been using Airtable and Zapier for a month, so I’m still getting used to the deeper functionality.

Thanks in advance!