Airtable to Woocommerce Product & Order Sync

Hi fellow Airtabler’s (and Woocommerce lovers!).

I’m excited to share a brand new integration between Airtable and Woocommerce, which allows you to manage all your products, categories, tags, orders (and more) for Woocommece from within Airtable.

We’ve shared it with a few of our contacts, and the average speed saving has been 10x. If you’ve ever used Woocommerce, you’ll know how slow it can be to go through and edit products one by one, so it was a no-brainer to tap into the ease and speed of Airtable, and make it possible to easily sync to Woocommerce.

Withour further ado, I bring to you: Airtowoo!

Any input would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi there
I’m really intrigued and would love to try this - I filled out your beta form and hope we can help you test this!

Fantastic, thank you :slight_smile: Have sent you an e-mail

@Scott_Bowler I 2 am very interested in this and filled out your BETA form, but I’ve not heard anything. Are you still working on this?


Hi @Angela_Malin - sorry, completely missed your enquiry. Have pinged you an email (and yes, the software is still being developed :slightly_smiling_face:)

@Scott_Bowler I have also requested to be added to the beta but haven’t heard back yet.

Hi @SunLynx

Can you let me know your email address / name in a personal message? We’re working through a backlog of new setups at the moment but I can bump you up the list :slight_smile:

Edit - doesn’t look like Airtable supports that, so please feel free to ping me an email on

I filled the form to try this. I’m a webmaster and finding the best solution for my client to integrato WooCommerce with offline selling.

I am a partner at Make / Integromat and expert in automation, I’m planning to integrate a solution like yours in a shop-manager solution for custom clients.
Let me know if I could try it out!

Sounds great! We’re looking to work with partners / resellers.

I’ll ping you a message once I’m at my desk tomorrow :slight_smile: