Airtable Universe and Referrals

If you create a template in Airtable Universe and someone signs up and registers with Airtable for the first time because of your template, do you receive referral attribution for this new user sign up?

I think this would be fair, and a great incentive for users to create ultra high quality templates and then publicly promote them on their social media, courses, marketing, email signatures, etc…

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Also when you share a base as read only but give them the option to copy the base, if they are a new airtable user and have to register their account before they can grab the copy, is the referral attribution given to the creator of that base they copied?

@CodeKnight, did you ever find out about this? I’m interested to know this as well :slight_smile:

I have not :frowning: i hope airtable support can answer?

I have sent them a request to follow up on this…